Ballantine's family of Scotch whiskies is a major global brand and a key leader in the premium whisky category. Ballantine's portfolio of aged variants range from 12, 17, 21 to 30 years old, to develop the brand's personality and heritage for the duty-free business across Asia-Pacific, a series of marketing, promotional and point-of- sales printed graphics are designed and implemented in various print.

The roll-out of the Ballantines’ displays at key airports across Asia Pacific and the interpretation of ‘slate and water’ as key elements were groundbreaking in the region. Whatever the local challenges in installation, the professional and creative approach solutions were implemented showing great flexibility at times.

DPC Design's appointment as Brand Graphic Consultant encompasses the design and delivery of print graphics and packaging programmes, including design and installation of merchandising programmes for retail duty-free and on-premise merchandising across Asia-Pacific.