Mission Statement

Our Mission

To create good value to life and to businesses with design

Our Objective

Design excellence created by professional design solutions through multi-disciplinary approach

Our Commitment

To implement designs of international standards with experienced, creative and innovative local and regional resources

About Us

DPC Design was established in 1996 by Patrick C. L. Cheah, a qualified professional with a Masters of Design from UNSW, Australia. Patrick’s 40 years of creative career has been developed within the framework of Corporate Identity & Branding, Identity Standards Manual, Environmental Graphics & Signage, Brand Presence & Printed Graphics, Packaging Design & Brand Development.

“If Life throws you lemons, make lemonade!”

Our “lemons” came in the form of talented staff, generous benefactors, enlightened clients and specialist vendors who spared no effort to fabricate the products strictly according to our demanding design specifications.

Over the years, we were fortunate enough to have clients who believed in our concepts and capabilities, and were prepared to go all the way to support our ideas and efforts. It is this symbiotic collaboration that fueled our creativity and enabled us to immerse ourselves in our passion and commitment to create value in our work. For this we are most grateful.

Our Services

Corporate Identity and Branding

Strong and visible Corporate Identity and Branding enrich the company’s equity value to business partners, clients, stakeholders and staff.

Environmental Graphics & Signage

Communicates distinctively the identity and information through graphics and signing mediums that integrate within the environments of public and private spaces.

Packaging design & Brand Development

Creative packaging designs and graphics add value to product brand identity. It communicates product proposition and aspirations. It is creativity branding on sales 24 hours every day.

Brand Presence & Printed Graphics

Brand visibility and Brand management require exacting standards of design and creative applications from concepts to implementation, that exemplifies brand presence and positioning.

Identity Standards Manual

Identity standards manual builds and guides the company’s brand value and implementation amongst internal and external stakeholders.



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